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A collaboration between Breo and Aquaqu! Now, enjoy home aesthetics easily at home.


Skin condition customized care ingredients, 48 hours moisture retention test completed, Skin moisture improvement and skin temperature reduction effect


Swiss Color Psychological Test based on relaxing color therapy, use of high-quality special fabric


Skin stability clinical trial completed,
Skin irritation test completed when used for 24 hours,
No addition of 6 harmful ingredients

Eye fatigue relief patent pack

eye relax pack

Apply the Eye Relaxation Pack, which has an excellent effect on improving eyestrain and fatigue, instead of the daily eye cream.

energy bomb

energy bomb

Knee and Foot Fatigue Relief Nutrition Pack

stress zero pack

With taurine, red ginseng extract, schisandra chinensis extract, and vitamin E ingredients, say goodbye to tired body fatigue!

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