Creating a healthy rest


A healthy break that 10Minds-Breo thinks is a small but good habit that is easily enjoyed in everyday life.

Scalp Massager

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Relieve accumulated fatigue by massaging your scalp 3 times a day, while managing your scalp's health.

SCAlP massager

eye massager

Eye Massager

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Relieve accumulated fatigue on your eyes and temples through thermal massage and gentle air pressure.

Neck Massager

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Relieve tight muscles with a massager that massages like a human hand. The ergonomic design takes care of your health.

neck massager

hand massager

Hand Massager

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The powerful pneumatic acupressure and 350 acupressure protrusions gently massage every nook and cranny of your hand to warm them and relieve accumulated fatigue.

Knee Massager

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Relieve fatigue on your knees, which requires repeated flexion and extension throughout the day, with an infrared and thermal knee massager.

knee massager

foot massager

Foot Massager

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For a perfect toe-to-toe massage, wear it like a shoe. Relieve fatigue on your feet by massaging your entire foot and balance your body to make your day feel lighter.

Multi Massager

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Relieve fatigue on your head by massaging your entire head from the scalp, back, and temples all at once.

multi massager

Aqu Cleanser

Aqua Cleanser

Aqu Cleanser

The soft silicone brushes clean away dirt from deep inside your pores that are hard to reach. You can feel clean and fresh skin every morning.

Natural Pillow

Natural Pillow

The innovative two-tiered design further protects your neck from a head drop. Try it with a neck massager or an eye massager, as it will provide more comfort.

Natural Pillow

facial massager

Facial Massager

facial massager

For a slim face line. We help you find your hidden face line by relieving hardened facial expressions with fine and soft vibrations.

Mini Massager

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Relieve body fatigue anytime, anywhere. Massage tight muscles with strong vibrations. Feel your whole body become lighter at once.

mini massager

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