Hug you on a tiring day


Hugbreo with a youthful flair is stylish and affordable.

Based on medicine

Created based on the theory of oriental medicine that massages the key acupuncture points in each area

Home spa relaxer

Easy and convenient to use, relieve body fatigue by yourself

more compact

Small and light, easy to use - anytime, anywhere

Neck Massager

목 마사지기

Four acupressure massage balls, which feel like a person is actually pressing down, rotate to relieve tight muscles of the neck and shoulders.

hug eye

Eye Massager

눈 마사지기

Air acupressure and thermal massage gently massage the muscles around the eyes to relieve tired eyes.

Hand Massager

손 마사지기

The 3 types of acupressure method with controlled pressure strength, massage your entire hand. This blows away the fatigue not only in your hands, but also your body.

hug mini

Mini Massager

미니 마사지기

Meet the tiny ball-shaped mini full body massager. You can use it anytime, anywhere.

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